Everton Stadium UXO Operations

Everton stadium UXO operations project

This summer we were delighted to be supporting Dagger Diving Services, working on the Everton FC Peoples Project to build a new football stadium in Liverpool docks. 

Pangeo Demonstration Project

Pangeo demonstration project

In June 2021 Aequorea personnel and systems were working with Pangeo Subsea out of Aarhus, Denmark aboard the Aarhus University’s vessel ‘RV Aurora’ on a demonstration project showcasing the ability of the Pangeo SBI system for UXO detection.

UXO Vessel Mobilisation

UXO vessel mobilisation project in Holland

In June 2021 Aequorea personnel were in Holland with GEOSIGHT, to mobilise a vessel ready for diver tracking operations in support of UXO investigation work in extremely shallow waters. 

Vessel Mobilisation and Training

Vessel mobilisation and training project in Swansea

In April 2021 Aequorea personnel were in Swansea, working with Swansea University on their purpose built research vessel ‘Mary Anning’ to install and provide training on their geophysical survey instrumentation.

Geophysical Data Processing

Geophysical data processing screenshot

Spring 2021 saw Aequorea renew their working relationship with XOCEAN – this time processing and charting pipeline data to their client’s exacting standards.

Minesto Tidal Kite Installation

Minesto Tidal Kite Installation

In March 2021 Aequorea Ltd. mobilised to the Faroe Islands to assist Minesto and their marine contractors Inyanga Marine Projects with the installation of their Deep Green Tidal Kite technology.

Tidal Analysis Campaign

Tidal analysis campaign screenshot

During the winter and early spring of 2021 we had the pleasure of working with WITT Energy, supporting the development of their novel marine renewable energy devices, with a tidal analysis campaign.

Nearshore Geophysical Campaign

Sunset at sea during marine survey project - nearshore geophysical campaign

During October and November Aequorea personnel were in field in the Baltic Sea, assisting GeoXYZ with a near shore, pre-lay route inspection survey.

Irish Sea Pioneer Rig Move

Irish Sea pioneer rig move project

In September 2020 Aequorea Ltd. were responsible for safely moving the Irish Sea Pioneer jack up platform between ENI owned assets in the Irish Sea.

Caspian Sea Pipeline Survey

Caspian Sea pipeline survey

In February 2020, Aequorea personnel assisted XOCEAN in collecting MBES and SSS data during a pipeline integrity survey in the Caspian Sea.